Gingerbread Cookies

I have been dying to try the Food Network’s candle line at Kohl’s. They are pricey (the 6 cubes of wax I bought is $6.99 at full price…..even on sale for 50% off, it was still way more pricey than the Better Homes & Gardens line)….but I finally bought a fragrance melt pack of Gingerbread Cookies to try.

To be honest, many of the scents I’ve smelled so far were (to me) terrible. Gingerbread Cookies was one of the first scents I liked cold.

Gingerbread CookiesThe Scent: A wonderful, perfect, warm, spicy, soft gingerbread cookie! This is a wonderful and perfect gingerbread scent! It is not too sweet….you can smell a hint of molasses mixed in with a plethora of spices…clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and of course, ginger! This one was super husband approved (aka he asked me to melt it again!) A-

The Throw: Oh my is this a strong throw! Gingerbread Cookies completely, and strongly, filled up my living room, dining room, and even drifts into the office! It is strong, but not headache-inducing strong! I have been getting ~8 hours out of two of the wax cubes…so it may be expensive, but is definitely worth ~2-3 Yankee Candle tarts. A+

So, my first experience with the Food Network candle brand at Kohl’s has been awesome! I will definitely look to try more of these wax melts (to test if it is the brand that is great, or if I just got lucky with a  strong scent!)

Happy Holidays everyone!

-Kari Ann-



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