Outlet Trip!

As Jenna wrote earlier, we took a sister bonding trip to the Wrentham Outlets to get in some last minute Christmas shopping….and at 5/$50 large jars, we picked up a thing or two for ourselves!

Here are some of my favorite finds!

Shortbread1) Shortbread: I’m a sucker for shortbread cookies. This scent was excellent…buttery with a hint of butterscotch. Not my favorite shortbread scent I’ve ever smelled, but still very notable. I also like this new Yankee Candle jar labeling. It’s very simple and different. I think this design is for the Homegoods/Marshalls/TJMaxx lines.

sea grass2) Wild Sea Grass: This scent is very similar to the now retired Dune Grass with just an extra hint of mint. It is one of the new Spring 2015 scents. My mother loved Dune Grass, so we already know this will be her replacement!

rolling hills of Ireland3) Rolling Hills of Ireland: I actually loved this new World Journey scent. It is similar to Green Grass (no surprise there!) but is more complex than just a grass scent. It has a hint of something else in it…like a fresh water scent and a green floral. It’s weird because I normally hate grassy scents (I’m allergic to cut grass!) but this one stopped me in my tracks…..I also had my husband holding onto one for dear life because he loved it so much and was afraid they would sell out. Anyways, I bought one and so did Jenna! My plan is to burn this for March!

raspberry4) Red Raspberry: This is one of the new Spring 2015 scents…and is one of my favorites. It’s a sweet raspberry scent…almost like a fresh raspberry jam. If you like dessert or fruity scents, give this one a sniff!

pink grapefruit5) Pink Grapefruit: This one looks like it should be a new spring or summer scent. I absolutely love any citrus scents and this one is no exception! It’s wonderful! Anyone remember Bath & Body Works Pink Grapefruit body spray? This is very similar! It is an acidic and sharp grapefruit scent with a hint of natural sugar! This one was really nice and I hope to see tarts of it!

peach cobbler6) Peach Cobbler: This was my favorite of the Spring 2015 scents! Yum! Peaches, a buttery topping, vanilla ice cream! This one is spectacular!

Fiji Beach7) Fiji Beach: This new World Journey has a beautiful label, but did smell like a fairly “run-of-the-mill” beach scent. It was nice and reminded me a tad of Beach Walk. Jenna bought one, but I passed!

Celebrate8) Celebrate!: I fell in love with this lemon vanilla buttercream scent! I bought this jar!


I also noticed some of the new Yankee Candle Home Classic scents at Target!

11) Harbor Breeze: Jenna and I have an obsession with anchors. We both own so many clothes with anchors on them and so this candle is perfect. It’s a average beachy/ocean scent, but with a label like that…it’s awesome!

22) Happy Spring: This one smelled like Beautiful Day…and grass and floral scent that is perfect for spring!

33) Sugared Peach: I loved this Juicy Peach-like scent! If you like peaches or sugared fruit scents, give this one a try!

Lastly, just as a random aside, I had to rave about the Duff cookie mixes I bought from Target!cookies2cookies

I am a huge fan of the Duff cake and cookie mixes. I bought these mixes, Chocolate Snowball and White Chocolate Ginger Cookie, to make for Christmas and they were a huge hit! I got so many compliments! Well, they were 30% off today at Target and I bought 4 boxes! Definitely worth it!

-Kari Ann-





  1. Wow! Thanks for the update! I’m really looking forward to Red Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit. They totally sound right up my alley. 😉 And if I should ever be so lucky to come across a jar of Rolling Hills of Ireland, it’ll be mine!!! I just love Ireland and the smell of grass so that would be perfect for me! ❤

  2. We have Pink Grapefruit and Red Raspberry in all sizes here in The Netherlands. Pink Grapefruit actually really disappointed me. When lit, it smelled kind of fake to me, like a chemical kind of grapefruit.
    I’m really curious about what you find of Celebrate, I really haven’t read of heard any positive comments on that one since the throw seems to be awful 😦

    Just found me some Dune Grass tarts online so then I’ll know what Wild Sea Grass is like 😀

    • That’s too bad!! I was really curious about pink grapefruit (this makes me sad! but now I know to not get a jar at the semi-annual sale)

      I have Celebrate on my April list…I hope it’s a good through because it smells amazing cold!

      and dune grass is my mother’s all time favorite! Hope you like it!

    • Hi Jen Dee, I’m not very familiar with this scent. I’ve seen a medium jar occasionally called ‘Happy Spring’ at the YC Outlet and Homegoods… not sure if it’s the same scent as the UK Happy Spring released earlier this year. Hopefully it will come back to stores in the spring, even if an outline only. Sorry – don’t have any intel on this!

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