Frolic and Play

When Yankee Candle announced the winter wonderland collection a few months ago, I immediately knew I had to have one. The jars were adorable–with the large jars having glittery snowflakes all around them and the tumblers have glitter snowflakes on the labels.

When I went into a store to smell them, I fell in love with the Frolic and Play scent. It smells just like the green spearmint starlight candies I loved to eat as a child. Until smelling it, I hadn’t realized that I have never smelt a spearmint candle. There are so many many mint and peppermint candles out there, but no spearmint candles that I’ve seen. I’m not a huge peppermint fan, but I love spearmint!

I was so excited to burn this one on Christmas Day! It smells so nice and had a good throw! However, I do have one complaint–the candle is tunneling pretty badly no matter what I do. I used an illumalid and cut out the excess wax after burning it in order to start with a fresh even layer.

I went to a Yankee Candle a week before Christmas and wasn’t able to find any of this scent and haven’t seen any at the SAS. If everyone finds it I would recommend grabbing it! (I’m hoping mine tunneling is just a fluke with the one I bought!). I’m still hoping to find a tumbler of it or that they bring it back next year!



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