Champagne Toast (version 2014)

I reviewed Bath & Body Work’s Champagne Toast earlier this year in June. I love the scent and was so excited  it returned again this year!

I bought a Wallflower bulb at the Semi-Annual Sale and it is just as great as I remember it! I hope this becomes a New Year’s staple for Bath & Body Works!

Champange ToastThe Scent: Fruity and bubbly! This scent is a lightly citrus and sweet tropical fruit scent with an almost “fizzy” note. It smells like a crisp and fruity sparkling wine that would be way too easy to drink! A

The Throw: This bulb has been great! I have it in my dining room and, though the throw doesn’t have a huge radius, it almost fills up that dining area. It is a solid medium throw that I could even detect towards the end of my flu! It is best for a smaller-size room. B

Overall, I love this scent and will buy it in candle and bulb form as long as I can!

-Kari Ann-


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