Ginger Peach (Pier 1 Imports)

This is a disappointing post….about a month ago, I tried a $1 tart from Pier 1 Imports for the first time. Citrus Cilantro was incredible…it earned a B for its throw…and combined with its wonderful scent was a rewarding find. I also has bought one of their scented gel beads for my office, and over one month later, they still give my office a pleasant background scent!

I liked the scented gel bead scent of Ginger Peach so much that I had also bought a tart of it. Unfortunately, its throw fell very short!

Ginger PeachThe Scent: I love this scent! It smells like the Lipton White Peach tea. It is a wonderful herbal peach scent with just a hint of ginger spice. B+

The Throw: I melted this tart for multiple hours on Saturday night….and never smelled a thing! This one just had no throw! F


So, Pier 1 Imports has me currently split! I loved Citrus Cilantro…and while the throw wasn’t a “blow me away,” it was still very good! Ginger Peach, however, was a dud.

So, I guess I’ll have to try out some more Pier 1 wax melts…tarts don’t count for my wax ban 😉

-Kari Ann-


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