Rolling Hills of Ireland

Well, I’m ahead of schedule and started to burn my February candle! I just could not wait to try the new World Journey Rolling Hills of Ireland!

Rolling HillsThe Scent: I absolutely love Rolling Hills of Ireland….and I don’t know if I can properly describe it! It does have a “meadow” scent of fresh green grass and lush wildflowers. BUT, there is a sweet note to it I cannot describe. This is not a “green grass” replicate or a simple floral scent. It is a fresh and floral combination with a light sweetness, almost like honey, that makes me feel transported to a warm spring day in Ireland! B+

The Throw: Wow! I am impressed with the throw on this one! Almost instantly after lit, Rolling Hills starts filling my living room with a medium throw! It does start to fade into the background (pleasantly) after a few hours of being lit, but it is a wonderful and warm scent to fill a large-sized room! A-

So far, I am so happy my husband picked this candle out for himself for Christmas! If you see Rolling Hills in a Yankee Candle outlet of at Homegoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls…take a sniff! It will surprise you!

-Kari Ann-


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