Endless Weekend (hand soap)

I hope everyone in the Northeast is surviving the snow storm! We only got an inch in Maryland (my husband is a meteorologist and is crazily jealous of the 3 feet Jenna got in Massachusetts).

But on this cold, snowy day…I thought I’d share the amazing scent of Endless Weekend with the world. I bought a foaming hand soap from Bath & Body Works during their Semi-Annual Sale for $2.50. Jenna raved about this scent, so I had to check it out!

Endless weekendThe Scent: This hand soap is incredible! It smells like a water, tropical beach…with just hints of sun tan lotion and a dash of a citrus-mixed drink. It is fresh and slightly fruity with just the right amount of floral. Amazing! A


I love this scent and it really makes me feel transported to a warm summer day! I also love the turquoise color and that label! It’s a great addition/decor to my blue-decor bath room.

I will note that I think my husband is just “meh” with it….I worry this may not be his ideal hand soap scent. He only comments when he hates or loves a soap scent….and he has been silent on this one!

-Kari Ann-


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