Sun & Sand

I’m melting out of season today with Yankee Candle’s classic summer scent Sun & Sand.

sun and sandThe Scent: To me, Sun & Sand smells like warm beach sand and sun tan lotion! It is a perfect sunny beach day down the cape straight from my childhood! It sure beats away the winter blues! A

The Throw: I love the throw of Sun & Sand. It is a perfect medium that fills up a room and is constantly detectable (it doesn’t fade from your nose after a few hours)…but is not over-bearing. A-

Sun & Sand is probably my favorite beach-themed scent. Most of the salt water and ocean scents give me a wicked bad headache. Sun & Sand is still fresh and oceany…but in a recreational beach trip scent!

As a side note, I do like the easy-remove tarts. They really do pop right out! I haven’t tried too many…..but I have had a few with weaker-than-normal throws. To date, I prefer the regular tarts!

-Kari Ann-


One comment

  1. A true Classic scent, and may they NOT get rid of it as they have gotten rid of so many other wonderful scents, in favor of so-so scents.

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