Target Candles

I no longer have a Homegoods nearby, which means it’s harder for me to come across the Everyday Luxe line. While at Target the other day, their Soy Blend candle line caught my eye. Now, I’m still on my wax ban, so I didn’t buy any….but they smelled amazing cold and were reasonably priced at $10 for the large and $5 for the small.

Has anyone tried these candles?…I plan on buying one soon to try it out (my wax ban ends in April!). Most of the scents have good reviews online….if you’re curious, you can see them for yourself here!

Here are the scents I got to sniff:

target 1

The Sugar Rush Line

Lemon Trifle: This was a yummy lemon-vanilla cake mix. Not the best lemon-dessert scent I’ve smelled, but still pretty good! I’d give this one a try!

Cinnamon Fire: Wow! If you like Red Hot candies, the spicy cinnamon hearts, this one is for you! It’s a spicy (as in wow! I feel the heat!) cinnamon! Yum!

Marshmallow Pop: Very smooth, sweet, and sugary. This one reminded me of YC’s Marshmallow Treats.

Sea Salt & Caramel Corn: If you like BBW’s Caramel Corn, give this one a sniff! It’s salty, sweet, and has that wonderful toffee note to it!

Target 2

The Healthy Retreat Line

Ocean Oasis: A nice oceany scent. It was a calming mix of the beach and salt water….a tad forgetable though to me.

Sun-Kissed: This one is also escaping my mind…I remember liking it….not what you’s expect (like some fruit and sun tan lotion notes….ooops, guess it didn’t blow me away!

Be Green: A grass scent, but maybe more meadow grass than cut grass (which means I liked it more!)

Sleep Haven: As you’d expect, this was a relaxing lavendar scent! It reminded me of French Lavender, the World Journey.

tagret 3Sugar Blossom: This was a vanilla-sugar scent with just a hint of a pink floral. A pleasant balance of floral and sweet.

Red Velvet Cake: This was one of the first Red Velvet scents that didn’t make me gag! It is a fun birthday cake-like scent with a creamy sweet frosting! Loved it!

Bali Sunrise: A tropical-drink! It was a fruity blend with a citrus punch!

Sweet Spun Sugar: Cotton Candy…a sugar rush with a dash of that “pink” note….maybe a berry vanilla?

So, there they are! A pretty impressive variety at a good price! My favorite was the Cinnamon Fire!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I’m currently burning the Ocean Oasis scent in my bathroom (which has a beach theme) and I have the Bali Sunrise scent. I haven’t burned the Bali Sunrise candle yet, but the smell of it is great and I’m excited to use it. The Ocean Oasis candle that I’m currently using is quite subtle but still very much present. The candle does not burn evenly which is what annoys me most. However, they were a good price for soy candles made in the USA. I got them on sale for $8 each. For the price, there’s really no harm in trying!

  2. I just purchased the Sea Salt & Caramel Corn large candle. I was very happy with the size, price and throw compared to Yankee and B&BW. It does burn slightly unevenly and I’m not sure why since it has two wicks. The small size is cute, but the large size is a better buy at three-four times the size of the small.

  3. I just purchased the Marshmallow Pop on sale for $8.00 (large size) and I love it! It has been burning in my room all day, I walked out to take trash and when I came back I didn’t realize how the smell travelled throughout my apartment. Great Buy!

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