Chesapeake Bay Candles

The other day at Target, the bright red CLEARANCE stickers caught my eye…seriously, is everything on clearance in Target right now? One of those clearance items was the wax melts from Chesapeake Bay Candle Company. I have never tried the Chesapeake Bay brand (it’s a tad pricy), but at 70% off, I figured why not?

chesapeake2Each set of tarts comes with 8 cubes in 3 different scents. I think they are meant to be blendable, or stand up on their own. The first one I tried featured the scents: Desert Cactus (green), Pineapple Sun (yellow), and Hibiscus Bloom (pink). Overall, I had very mixed feelings!

Desert Cactus

The Scent: This was a super fresh, slightly floral, scent that reminded me of another scent that I couldn’t place my finger on. It was my favorite of the 3 scents. It was a green scent with hints of fresh dew-drops. B

The Throw: This was also the best throw. WOW, it almost instantly started to fill up my living room with a medium-strong throw. B+

Pineapple Sun

The Scent: It was an okay tropical pineapple scent. I did like this scent alot….in fact its would have been my overall favorite it the throw wasn’t so terrible! B+

The Throw: Non-existent. Unfortunately, this had a weak throw….you could only smell it if you were standing over the tart warmer! F

Hibiscus Bloom

The Scent: I didn’t care for this scent. To me, personally, it smelled like the scented disinfectant cleaners used in public bathrooms. It’s not terrible, just very artificial and reminiscence of a public space (mall bathroom is what I got). D+

The Throw: Of course this one had the best throw! Strong, long-lasting, completely filled my living room, and could even be smelled long after my warmer was turned off! At least the quality was good! A

Okay, so mixed feelings indeed….2/3 of the throws were great, even excellent…but that 1 that wasn’t great was terrible. The scents were just okay….but then again, it was a more floral scent suite, so it probably just wasn’t for me.

The original price for these was $7.29…..way too much for me! But for $2.18, I’d say grab a pack and give it a try! I melted one tart at a time, and it lasted, in general, 4 hours. Overall…..I’m glad I bought a second pack to try out!

-Kari Ann-


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