Irish Cream

Jenna was my secret Santa for Christmas, and one of the gifts she got me was Irish Cream from Yankee Candle. Neither of us had ever heard, or smelled, this scent before and I was so happy to get it! Irish Cream is currently a treasure at Yankee Candle, and it is worth checking out!

Irish CremeThe Scent: A buttercream-like cakey confection! This one is sweet, creamy, buttery, cake-battery, with notes of vanilla. It reminds me of a really expensive slice of vanilla buttercream cake or a glass of Bailey’s on the rocks! A

The Throw: My oh my! Great throw! It’s a solid medium, and has a great scent radius. It fills up my living room without being overwhelming, I can even smell it when it’s not lit! A-

I am wicked impressed with Yankee Candle’s Irish Cream so far! It is sweet and creamy, and is a “must smell” for any foodie scent lover.

And, this is my March candle, but I am ahead of schedule! 🙂

-Kari Ann-


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