Bavarian Pretzel

Kari’s husband, Mike, got me the Bavarian Pretzel world journey for Christmas. I was excited to get this candle, as the scent really intrigued me. It smells exactly like a salted hot pretzel. I knew this candle was either going to be amazing lit or very terrible.

I’m really excited to announce that this candle is amazing. You can smell the salt when lit, which I love! I’m a bit of a salt addict–I eat it plain. For anyone who’s hesitant to try this scent, I highly recommend it!! (I also love that Neuschwanstein is on the sticker label!!)





  1. have you guys seen the “manly indulgence” brand candles??? I found them at Marshall’s and oh my gosh they smell amazing…..the scents I’ve seen are: suit and tie, cigar shop, lumber jack, university….they all smell like the best scents on a man…they are great

  2. I *just* saw this at my local Marshalls last week and was so on the fence about it: smelled delicious in the jar, but burning? I’ll have to go back and see if it’s still there!

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