Dance Till Dawn

I really enjoyed the New Years Eve themed Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works. I bought a few during this past Semi-Annual Sale for $2.50 each. One that I bought, and am really enjoying, is Dance Till Dawn aka Tropical Tango.

Dance Till DawnThe Scent: This is a tropical fruity scent that reminds me of the run cocktails I drank in Barbados. I was lucky to get visit Barbados twice in 2010 for my work…I was on a research cruise and we refueled there. The drink of choice was whatever fresh fruit juice they had with Mount Gay rum (made right next to our port). This scent is described as “Simply follow the smooth coconut, vibrant mango, and bubbly champagne notes in Tropical Tango and you’ll start to cha cha cha.” It is a tropical and effervescence mash-up of fruit (I don’t get any single fruit notes….all I can say is it’s fruity). B

The (bulb) Throw: Overall, the throw on this Wallflower is great. They first week was a BAM! My kitchen, dining room (where it’s plugged), and living room was full of this scent! Now that it’s on its 2-3rd week, that initial punch had subsided a bit, but it is still a great throw (it makes my dining room filled with a medium scent….and no longer is detectable in other rooms). B+

Overall, I really like Tropical Tango…it definitely is a mood booster in this extra cold Frebruary. It is a fruit explosion, so if you’re a fruit-scent fan, this one is worth a try!

-Kari Ann-


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