Lipgloss Scents

Okay, so this is a random post! But I have to confess that I love scented lip glosses! Recently, I’ve been wearing lipstick more, but ever since my Lip Smackers preteen ages, I’ve been obsessed with all the different flavors and colors of lip products!

So, in this post, I will be quick featuring two (limited edition and now retired) lip flavors: Hot Cocoanut from Victoria’s Secret and Peanut Butter and Jelly from Bath & Body Works.

I also must add that I am someone who cannot use lip gloss fast enough, and often find myself with a 5 year old tube that is still 3/4th full (and I’m afraid of bacteria. so I get rid of it…but still love that 1/4th I used!) These two are soon to be thrown away 😦

lipVictoria’s Secret, Hot Cocoanut: I love this scent….the cute name tells it all….chocolate coconut! It’s wonderful….decadent and fruity….why hasn’t Yankee Candle make this a candle scent yet!? I also like the soft brown color. So yes, the scent/flavor and color are great, but I tend to find Victoria’s Secret’s Beauty Rush lip glosses to be a bit on the sticky side. Younger me loved them, but the now adult me just cannot cope!

Bath & Body Works, Peanut Butter & Jelly: I have been wondering for year…why has no major candle company made a peanut butter and jelly scented candles? This lip gloss is just okay…they scent is more of a grape scent than anything else….and it’s an awkward gold color. It’s too bad, because I love BBW’s lip glosses! The color just does not work on my skin tone and the scent is flat (where’s the peanut butter!?)

me5So cheers! and happy scent hunting!

-Kari Ann-


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