Online Order from Yankee Candle

aJenna’s birthday is coming soon…and I wanted to get her one of the new accessories from Yankee Candle’s new Sea Breeze line. Since I was ordering online and had a gift card, I picked up a thing or two for me. I just can’t show the accessory I got Jenna!

First, I guess I missed that Yankee Candle’s new motto is Live Life Scentfully. It’s cute…and I loved how “loud” it was on the box!

cI also grabbed 3 of the new tarts (it was the $1 tart sale). So You can bet I’ll be reviewing Red Raspberry, Peach Cobbler, and Blue Summer Sky soon!

Lastly……don’t get mad…I broke my wax ban and got one of the Girl Scout Candles! I just couldn’t resist! I love Samoas and needed to give it a try! I’ll probably sneak it into my candle list after Celebrate!


-Kari Ann-



  1. You broke your wax ban? Oh nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding! 😀 Don’t feel bad about it. As they say: You live only once. 😉

    And I ❤ Red Raspberry!!! I'm looking forward to your reviews!

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