Chesapeake Bay Candle Company Part 2

I recently posted about my clearance find at Target for the tri-scented wax meltables from Chesapeake Bay Candle Company. Well I was able to buy 2 different sets at the 70% price….and finally got the time to try out this “Limited Edition” autumn blend. I had mixed reviews for the Desert Cactus/Pineapple Sun/Hibiscus Bloom pack, and unfortunately, this new Chesapeake Bay batch gave me the same, unresolved, results.

Boy do I wish they named these individual packs. This pack had Applewood/Tahitian Vanilla/Orange Clove.


The Scent: Eh. It was okay. It was more of a artificial (but still pleasant) smoky wood scent with just a hint of apple. If I had to take it or leave it…I’d leave it. D+

The Throw: Again, just eh. It was on the weak side, but still detectable. It was probably the weakest of the 3 scents. Definitely on the light side and best for a small room. D+

Tahitian Vanilla

The Scent: This was a wonderful scent! A true, creamy vanilla that was not artificial smelling. I really liked this vanilla scent! A-

The Throw: Unfortunately, this scent had very little throw as well. It was detectable, but was pretty light and had a small ‘scent radius.’ For my favorite scent in the pack, this throw left me wanting more! C-

Orange Clove

The Scent: This was maybe my least favorite of the scents. It was a very generic and artificial version of a spiced orange. (why can no one get a good orange spice scent right?). D

The Throw: Of course my least favorite scent had the best throw of the bunch. It was a solid medium…not a home run, but still performed well. B-

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this pack….from the names alone, I was more excited for this tri-blend than the Desert Cactus/Pineapple Sun/Hibiscus Bloom pack, but the scents were average at best and the throws were overall pretty below par.

So, my final thoughts, at full price Chesapeake Bay Candle Company is not worth it….but on sale, I’d grab some more. There were a few scents I loved, and some of the throws were spectacular. But for the moment, I’m sticking to Yankee Candle!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Kari Ann, do you like Yankee’s Spiced Orange? That is one my faves of theirs. I’m wondering if it comes close to what you expect from an Orange/Citrus and Spice scent 🙂

    • Hi Joe,

      I do like YC’s Orange Spice!!! (it set a high standard for all other spiced orange scents I’ve tried!) I used to make clove-spiked oranges for Christmas decorations as a kid….YC’s comes closest to recreating that scent to me…not perfect (in my opinion, but close). The CBC version was just awful!

  2. I get such mixed results with the CBC candles I’ve tried. It’s usually the scents I like least that perform the best, naturally 😦

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