Peach Cobbler

I recently bought 3 of the new Yankee Candle Spring 2015 scents…and the first one I decided to try was Peach Cobbler. I love peach scents, but often find peach-scented candles as being too artificial-smelling.

Spoiler: I loved Peach Cobbler….and it completely replaced Juicy Peach for me!

The Scent: A perfect peach summertime dessert! The peach is spot on (think Farmer’s Market) with creamy doses of butter, sugar, and vanilla. It smells like a peach crisp (crumbly topping) with a scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream! A

The Throw: I was pleasantly surprised by this solid medium throw. It is a sweet and strong scent…so any stronger would probably be headache-inducing for me! Peach Cobbler found that sweet spot of being able to fill a large room, be detectable, but not over-bearing! Wonderful! B+

Overall, I loved Peach Cobbler! It was a great, sweet and desserty-scent. It was more of a novelty scent, though, to me. In other words, I don’t think I could burn a jar of Peach Cobbler, as it would become over-whelming! But, as a tart, it was perfect!

-Kari Ann-



    • I read up on this scent….seems like Peach Cobbler is REALLY inconsistent. Some tarts are great while others have no throw. I also heard a few think the peach smelled terrible. Hmmm, looks like it’s a toss up on a good or bad tart 😦

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