Final Thoughts on Irish Cream

I finished Irish Cream over the weekend and was sad to see it go! We had a few snow days in Maryland, so I’ve been working from home and ‘burning’ through the jar (pun intended!).

irish creme finalThis scent was just great! It reminded me of Buttercream, but had extra creamy notes….almost like Buttercream mixed with Eggnog! I wish Treasure Tarts still existed, because this is a great “mix” scent. For example, burning Irish Creme alongside Peach Cobbler was amazing…peaches & cream!

Which brings me to Peach Cobbler….I melted one tart and fell (semi)-in love. But I read up on Peach Cobbler this weekend and found it to be a very “mixed” scent. (I always read online reviews of new scents I like to try to predict if it will be retired or part of the YC line-up during the Semi-Annual Sales.)

It seems like Peach Cobbler is a very inconsistent scent…some people have my experience…good throw and yummy scent while others have tarts with no throw, or worse, smells an unpleasant, almost after-the-gym scent. Yikes…looks like I got lucky!

I also want to acknowledge and thank Joseph Shenk! World Journey collectors and lovers should also thank Joseph for the heads up on a few new World Journeys: Barbados Island Flower, Brazilian Guava. I put Jenna on the hunt!

-Kari Ann-



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