Room sprays

I have been on a Spring Cleaning rampage, and used up the last of my Farmer’s Market Odor Eliminating Room spray from Yankee Candle.

What does everyone think of these?

room sprayI always am indecisive if I like them or not. As a plus, the scents spray out strong and do cover up odors (not eliminate)…and they are available in many great scents. As a minus, I find that the scent does not disperse well, so I end up having to spray an area multiple times….then end up with the scent on me (ew). They also can be pricey compared to Glade and Febreeze.

I bought 2-3 of these a few years ago, and this Farmer’s Market is the last of my stock. Normally, I would run out to YC to restock, but I find myself thinking….it’s not worth it, I have a Febreeze spray that will do just fine. Febreeze sprays usually do not smell as good a YC, but I like that “clean” note it gives.

Anyways, I think I’ll stick to candles from Yankee Candle! But I’m curious on other’s thoughts. I NEVER hear anything about their sprays!

-Kari Ann-


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