Red Raspberry

Okay, so I want to love this scent….and at first I did! But the new Spring 2015 Yankee Candle scent Red Raspberry gets sickening to me after an hour of melting 😦

But do not let my review below deter you! Red Raspberry is a sweet sweet with an impressive throw!

red raspberryThe Scent: Raspberry preserves with an extra tablespoon of sugar! I must admit (sorry) that the raspberry does smell a tad artificial to me….but it had that ripe and juicy fruit scent! There is a hint of tartness, but that sweet fruit “jam” note is definitely the strongest! At first, I was very impressed with the fruit explosion, but after an hour of melting, Red Raspberry became unbearably sweet.

The Throw: Wow! Red raspberry has a great throw! It is a medium-strong that starts to fill up a large room in only a handful of minutes! Because of the scent, the strong throw started to give me a headache after an hour or two. A

I know many love Red Raspberry…and with good reason! The throw is great and the scent is pleasant….it just did not mesh well with me. I personally found Red Raspberry to be just too sweet smelling, slightly artificial, and ended up giving me a headache. 😦

-Kari Ann-



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