Perfect Beach Day

pbdI have very mixed feelings on this Bath & Body Work soap scent: Perfect Beach Day. I picked it up at this past Semi-Annual Sale and honestly cannot decide if I like it or just think it’s weird.

The scent description says it smells like “watery melon, sparkling bergamot, and young coconut.” I don’t really smell any of these notes. Maybe just a hint of a fruity cantaloupe.

Weirdly, to me it smells like a mix of sun tan lotion and hemp…I just cannot figure it out!

This scent was originally situated in my bathroom, but I just did not like the scent enough to keep it in that “prime time” soap spot….so it was moved to the kitchen.

Regardless it is weird soap scent….but I love the picture and design!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I have this in our extra bathroom that no one hardly uses. I personally don’t like it. It smells like suntan lotion that has went bad to me.

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