World Journey: Japanese Blossom

Photo Credit
Photo Credit

My husband bought me this Japanese Blossom World Journey candle a few years ago when he was working part-time at Homegoods. I waited to burn it until I was able to be in Maryland for spring.

Springtime in the DC-area is magical! The famed Cherry Blossom Festival occurs every year at the end of March (The trees were a gift from Japan over 100 years ago). I have never attended the festival (from what I here, it is crazy busy!) But I have seen these trees in DC at the end of their amazing bloom peak!

japanese blossomThe Scent: This is a true floral scent. It smells like spring-in-bloom, you know that special 1-2 week span when every tree suddenly flowers after a sleepy winter! Personally, I’m not a big fan. I don’t like floral scents at all, and Cherry Blossom always reminds me of a bathroom cleaner or disinfectant. D+ (personal preference).

The Throw: Keeping up with great World Journey throws, Japanese Blossom is no exception! A solid and ever-present medium that almost instantly fills my living room! The quality is definitely there for this one! And it burns like a dream! A-

So, for me, I’d prefer the sight of Cherry Blossoms over the scent….but I’m glad to have finally tried this classic World Journey scent!

-Kari Ann-



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