Outlet Trip

I was able to browse my nearby Yankee Candle Outlet last week and was a little disappointed. I didn’t “score big” or find anything rare and/or new. BUT I did find a few notable mentions.


1) Italian Limoncello: I did manage to find one of the new World Journeys! Italian Limoncello is a nice, and unique, lemon ice scent…..it reminds me a tad of Country Lemonade (but with less sugar!). I know Jenna has already found this and will post on it soon!


2) Shea Butter: This is a new scent (I think for the UK…not sure…anyone know!?) It was nice….a milky and creamy scent that reminds me of the lightly scented body butters my mother used to have. It was different, but surprisingly pleasant!


3) Vintage Wine Collection: (may not be the actual collection’s name….but that’s what I call it!). I just love this group of White Zinfandel, Merlot, and Chardonnay. Boy, I could go for a glass of wine right now! If you like Yankee Candle’s Vineyard or Napa Valley scents…give these a try!


4: Cannoli Cream Puff: I almost broke my wax ban again for this one! Yum! My mother-in-law is Italian (and a vegetarian like me)…we often would make these easy and delicious “cone-olis” we saw in the Food Network magazine.


5: St.Patrick’s Trio (Fresh Mint, Sugared Apple, Fruit Fusion): While I appreciate this lovely tri-scent blend…these scents just don’t mesh well (in my opinion). I know they were trying to create the Irish flag…but Fruit Fusion and Fresh Mint? Not for me!

My main hope was to find tarts of the new summer line…I was able to come home with a Salt Water Taffy tart and Cotton Candy votive! Those reviews will be occurring soon!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Shea Butter is one out of three in the new European line called ‘Pure Essence’. The other 2 in that line are ‘Aloe Water’ and ‘Cassis’. The other new line that has come out for Q1/2015 is called ‘Grand Bazaar’ and includes ‘Oud Oasis’, ‘Moroccan Argan Oil’ and ‘Frankincense’. And lastly there is ‘Love is in the air’ (which they promoted for Valentine’s day) including ‘Red Raspberry’ (same as in the US) and ‘Pink Grapefruit’.

    • Wow! Thank you Brigid! The Pure Essence Line sounds great…but I’m especially interested in that new Q1/2015 line! Thanks for the info, I’ll have to keep my eyes out and hope I get lucky at an outlet? Have you smelled any of these?

  2. Hi Kari Ann. Shea Butter is indeed part of the “Pure Essence” Spring Line in the UK/Europe (along with Cassis and Aloe Water) 🙂 I found a tart and a couple of votives of it but haven’t burned or melted them yet. The jar of it i found at my local Outlet seemed very light to me so i don’t even know what it’s supposed to smell like 😦

    • Thanks Joe! I always end up loving the UK lines….Shea Butter did worry me that it could be light from the cold sniff, but I hope not since the scent was so nice! 🙂 I’ve seen Cassis (wow, didn’t know it was part of the UK line!). I guess I’ll have to explore my outlet more!

  3. I have ordered all the scents as tarts, but haven’t melted any of them yet. Have read nice reviews of Aloe Water + Shea Butter saying they’re pretty nice. Unfortunately YC is really expensive over here (think I paid between €2.19 – €2.49 for ea tart), especially when compared to the $1 Sale on the yc .com website, or the BOGO free sale… No such luck over here – ever!

    • That’s not fair! Yankee Candle is expensive, but we get lucky with coupons and sales (or outlets where many candles are 50% off). I feel spoiled now.

      I am really curious about Shea Butter. I didn’t like it enough to buy a large jar, but it was unique (if they had a tart, I would have grabbed it)

  4. BTW: I noticed that the four UK/ Europe Q3 scents are currently available as online exclusives (ALL sizes) @ yankeecandle.com: Amber Moon, Ginger Dusk, Honey Glow + Wild Fig. Just Fyi since you said you like what comes out over here.

  5. LOL! This is too funny! 😀 In Europe we want to get the U.S. scents and you’re curious about the scents released in Europe! I’d really love to know why Yankee Candle make this difference …

    • I know….everyone should be able to get the “new” YC scents, regardless of country! I’m soooo jealous of the new Cafe line (and I’m sure there’s a scent people in Europe wish they could get!) I’ll never understand!

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