Blue Summer Sky

I bought Blue Summer Sky online solely based on the picture. It just visually looked so perfect. Blue Summer Sky is part of Yankee Candle’s new Spring 2015 line.

Unfortunately, I absolutely HATED this scent.

Blue Summer SkyThe Scent: Blue Summer Sky is a weird fruit, fresh, and floral mash-up. I get notes of blueberry, a white floral, and a “clean” scent that must come from the ginger. I get what Yankee Candle was trying to do…but to me, this blend just did not go together. The berry note is just out of place and collides with the jasmine-like notes. yuck! F

The Throw: I must admit that I didn’t melt this one for long…but it did have a great throw (of course! The scents I hate always have great throws!). It filled up my living room with a  medium strength. B

Overall, I just did not like Blue Summer Sky. From reviews I’ve read, people seem to either love or hate this scent. I saw very few “in the middle” reviews. It’s too bad, because I just love that label!

-Kari Ann-


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