Relaxing Rituals: Lemon Reed Diffusor

reed1I enjoy having something scented in my office. In the past, I’ve been a big fan of scented gel beads from either Pier One Imports or Yankee Candle.

While at a Yankee Candle Outlet, I picked up a lemon reed diffusor refill. I figured, why not? It was 50% off (so $5, still pricey but I already know I love this lemon scent).

I brought it to my office Monday and set it up right before I left. The next morning, I could smell the sweet, candied lemon scent before I even unlocked my office door!

I am lucky to have my own office in an open-area suite that has three other “stand-alone” offices like mine.

Anyways, that fact I could smell this in the “open” area, when the diffusor was behind a locked door, actually made me worried. This reed diffusor was may be too strong!

I have worked with people, who like me, can be hyper sensitive to certain scents. I also have worked in chemistry labs where we could not wear perfume since it could contaminate the samples! Anyways, I got worried that the scent may disrupt or displeasure my neighbors, so I moved it to my car.

reed2Well, my ride home, after a day of that reed diffusor being in my car, was a nightmare! The scent was too strong and gave me a headache in that tiny, closed space. I ended up with my car windows down.

Lemon is now situated in my bathroom, and it is perfect! It is pleasantly filling up the space, without being too strong, but is smellable.

Now that a few days have gone by, I can tell that this baby will be gone quick. I have experienced this before with Yankee Candle’s reed diffusors….the oils evaporate quickly and only give you 2-3 weeks depending on the size at best. (The gel beads from Pier One lasted 2 months for me).

I also have to say that the scent has weakened a bit after the first few days of WOW! But I can still smell candied lemon every time I walk into my bathroom!

-Kari Ann-


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