Fall Glory

Last Friday, I let my husband pick the tart scent for the night. I try to let him get some power in scent selection!

He responded vaguely, but excited, with a “something apple-like, or fall fruity.” Well, as I’ve been trying to use up my old tarts, I had only a few that could fit that description…but my tart of Fall Glory stood out. I bought Fall Glory at an outlet a few years ago just because I liked the name! It is one of Yankee Candle’s Simply Home line (Target), and I have never actually smelled it!

Fall GloryThe Scent: Unfortunately, I did not like this one. (opinion time!) It was a fake fruit mash-up, almost like a cheap lollipop scent trying to capture fall. It wasn’t terrible, just not anything special. I had assumed that it would be apple-ly, but there was no distinct fruit scent that emerged. It was a bland mash-up of what someone “thinks” fall smells like. I’ll pass! D

The Throw: Not bad, but not amazing. This throw was the definition of “middle of the road.” C

Overall, I just did not like Fall Glory…..and I could tell my husband felt the same way (he didn’t say anything….which is a bad sign!). So, in the future, I’ll skip this scent.

-Kari Ann-


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