I bought Celebrate! at a Yankee Candle Outlet right before Christmas. I just fell in love with the lemon-buttercream mix. Celebrate! is currently available as an online exclusive, so it is a “new” candle/special edition/Treasure type of scent.

CelebrateThe Scent: A lovely vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting with notes of tart lemon throughout. I just love this scent…it is almost like a mix of the beloved Buttercream with Vanilla Cupcake and Meyor Lemon. Not too sweet, and definitely a buttery-bakery scent with a heavy lemon presence! It is my ideal scent….foodie and citrusy! A

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw could be better. It is still detectable! It is a light to an occasional light-medium. It’s disappointing, but not a lost cause. I suppose it would be a good “small room” scent, but I’m okay with a lightly smellable lemon-vanilla-cake. C-

It’s too bad…I absolutely love Celebrate! The throw is a tad on the weak side, but I am still glad I bought it and will enjoy burning it! I wish I could get Celebrate! in tart form!

-Kari Ann-


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