New World Journeys (Kari’s Take)

It’s wedding season…so I found myself needing a few new dresses. (My style tends to be loud, so I needed a few “toned down” dresses more appropriate for a wedding or rehearsal dinner). Anyways, I went to my nearby outlet and of course had to stop in at Yankee Candle.


There I finally saw the two new World Journeys: Barbados Island Flower and Brazilian Guava.


1) Barbados Island Flower: Eh, it was okay. A fairly light and “pink” floral scent. It is better than the Pink Hibiscus scent I recently reviewed (and hated). I don’t like floral scents, so I’m bias. It wasn’t terrible, in fact, as far as floral scents go it was tolerable for me. (I’ve been to Barbados for work, so it was nostalgic for me!)


2) Brazilian Guava: I must admit, I loved this scent! Guava is a hard fruit scent to describe, but they somehow nailed it! Creamy, tropical, juicy, fruity. This was a great scent that would help you bring on summer!

I did not break my wax ban….but Brazilian Guava was a close call!!

Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann-



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