Sparkle Every Day

Sparkle Every Day, or Confetti Cupcake, is another WallFlower I grabbed during the Semi-Annual Sale. It is situated near my kitchen, which is the perfect location for this guy! Get ready to trick your friends into thinking your constantly baking cupcakes!

Sparkle every dayThe Scent: A delicious buttercream cupcake! It is a fresh vanilla cake scent topped with creamy and buttery, well, buttercream, frosting. It is like a fancy “champagne” cupcake you get at an upscale cupcakery! A-

The (Bulb) Throw: Yes! I love this throw. A perfect “can smell it” without it being a “that’s all I can smell.” It is a scent that you smell when you first walk into my kitchen, but it gently fades into the background rather than be over-bearing! Love it! A-

In conclusion, Sparkle Every Day make be a weird and non-descriptive name….but this Confetti Cupcake scented Wall Flower is my current favorite!

-Kari Ann-


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