Pumpkin Wreath

I burned out of season a few days ago by melting a tart of Pumpkin Wreath. It was part of my “burn soon” pile and I know my husband loves autumn scents. I want to like this one…but unfortunately I just don’t love it.

At first, I was confused. Why don’t I like this scent? It has all the notes I love in fall candles: pumpkin, cinnamon, earthy-notes. Then it hit me… I was comparing Pumpkin Wreath to Red Apple Wreath….and in my humble opinion, Red Apple Wreath blows this one out of the water!

pumpkin wreathThe Scent: It’s an autumnal craft store scent of pumpkins, spices (like cinnamon and clove), and a woodsy note (maybe oak branches). It’s not bad, but not great. Yankee has better pumpkin scents, in my opinion, and even a better wreath scent. For me, I much prefer Red Apple Wreath. C

The Throw: This one is on the lighter side, but is not a total dud. It’s a light to maybe light-medium. It got a little “lost” in my living room and probably would have been better in a smaller room. C-

So, for as much as I love Fall scents, Pumpkin Wreath just doesn’t do it for me! I know others who LOVE this scent….so give it a sniff for yourself! I actually was a big fan of this scent when it first came out in Fall 2013 (my old review), so it’s funny how our noses change!

-Kari Ann-



  1. ITA that our noses change, as it has happened to me too, with several YC scents in past years, among them Lemon Lavender and Island Spa. I had to take my unburned stashed jars and turn them all in for other scents, that’s how bad it was for me. And I too am on a wax ban which may last for well over a year, until I have burned or melted enough of what I have to justify another purchase. How do we GET this way, with too much WAX ?? I am burning two Yankee jars, at opposite ends of the house and cannot smell either one. It isn’t my nose either, as I can smell the cherry vanilla in the yogurt I am eating right now.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. I re-read my old review and thought “how did I ever like this scent?” That’s too bad you can’t smell you jars! I wish there was better consistency (that’s one reason why I blog; I know I read reviews before I buy candles sometimes just to avoid a “known problem” scent. For me, my wax ban will last until I can “melt” most of my collection! When I moved a few months ago, it was way too much work transporting my candles! Never again! 🙂

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