Fresh Pulled Taffy (BH&G)

I am totally into this summer carnival theme for candle scents! Walmart’s Better Homes & Gardens scented wax cubes are getting into the fun as well with a Fresh Pulled Taffy scent!

Fresh Pulled TaffyThe Scent: It is a fruit scent that does remind me of salt water taffy! As a child, I remember watching candy-makers pull taffy through a window on a boardwalk in Cape Cod. This reminds me of that taffy, BUt with less of that “ocean salt” or cream note and more fruit. As for the fruit notes, it was a plethora of grape, strawberry, orange, watermelon….a big mash of fruits scents! It was good, not great, but far from average! B

The Throw: Very nice! It was a medium-strong (and not headache-inducing!!!). It filled up my living room within 15 minutes! Very good quality. But….it started to get to be “a little too much” after a few hours. A-

Overall, I liked Fresh Pulled Taffy very much! It is one of my favorite of the new BH&G scents.

Coming soon: a comparison to Yankee Candle’s Taffy scent 😉

-Kari Ann-



  1. You convinced me to go out and get this scent because I love the YC taffy scent and wanted to see how they compare lol. Love it, smells great and nice throw. Thank you for letting me know this existed!

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