Orange Bourbon Cupcakes

I am very torn on the duel-scented wax cubes from the ScentSationals line at Walmart. I haven’t had too much luck! I love the idea of getting two scents in one and already having the recipe for a great mixology. However, of the few I’ve tried, I find that one scent usually overpowers or outshines the other (You can read my previous reviews here, here, here, and here). Orange Bourbon Cupcakes was no exception to this fate!

For this mixology, I melted each scent separately first, then tried the combination!

ocMolten Orange

The Scent: Yuck! This one smelled like orange-scented disinfectant (to me at least!) The orange was so artificial, all I could think of was cleaning my bathroom! D-

The Throw: The throw was actually not bad on this one! Filled up my living room in a medium-strong throw. Definitely a “smellable” throw. A-

Honey Bourbon Frosting

The Scent: Yum! I loved this creamy vanilla buttercream frosting with just a touch of bourbon! It was well balanced and actually smelled good enough to eat! B+

The Throw: It was okay. I wish it was a tad stronger. I’d say it was a light-medium. It did fill up my living room, but my nose quickly got used to the scent and it become lost/forgotten. C

Orange Bourbon Cupcakes (The mix!)

The Scent: Yup, as expected, the Molten Orange greatly overpowered the Honey Bourbon Frosting. It smelled just that the “cleaner” orange scent. I couldn’t detect any of the frosting. On the (small) plus side, it did mute the orange scent a bit. D

The Throw: Again, all I could smell was that orange scent, so the throw was good….just I didn’t care for it! B+

Okay, so I obviously did not enjoy this duel-scented wax cube. But…Walmart does sell the Honey Bourbon Frosting scent separately. That’d be my advice…..get that scent and mix it with your own fruit-scented wax! I just wish the throw was a bit stronger! But smell for yourself….who knows if you might disagree with me! My husband actually liked the Molten Orange scent (but did agree it smelled like a cleaner)!

-Kari Ann-


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