Wine Down (Pomegranate Sangria)

I wish I bought more Wallflowers during this past winter Semi-Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works! Pomegranate Sangria is my last bulb from my haul. I really enjoyed the scents from the New Year’s Eve collection…and Wine Down (aka Pomegranate Sangria) might be my favorite so far!

pom sangriaThe Scent: A fruity and delicious effervescent scent! It smells a delicious bubbly white wine packed with pomegranate seeds and juice! It’s a perfect fruity scent that is not too fruity! And there is some apple notes in there! A-

The (Bulb) Throw: It’s been really nice! A pleasant “background” medium throw, meaning that you can smell it when you first walk into the room, but it quickly fades into the background. So it’s not too overwhelming, but covers up my cat’s litter box! B

Overall, I am really pleased with Wine Down! But I am looking forward to the next SAS in June to restock!

-Kari Ann-


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