Final Thoughts on Celebrate!

Last night marked the end of my Celebrate! large jar. It’s unfortunate because I really like the scent, but as many have told me, the throw leaves more to be desired!

So, now that the entire jar has been burned, how does my original grades of A for Scent and C- for Throw hold up?

celebrate2The Scent Revisited: I still love this scent! It is a delicious lemon-vanilla-buttercream mix that is truly a home run for me! It’s almost like a lemon pound cake mixed with a lemon creamsicle (if that exists!). I’ve read a few (in my opinion funny but true) reviews of online buyers who get surprised by that strong lemon presence! If you like citrus and bakery focused scents, this one will be a sure hit! A

The Throw Revisited: My C- grade was pretty accurate, maybe even a little generous. I’d say 9 times out of 10, I couldn’t smell a thing! Every once in a while, I’d get a gentle pulse of scent….or if I happened to walk by the candle really close, I could smell it. Otherwise, this one could have been unlit and my nose never would tell the difference! D+

Overall, here was a great scent with a terrible throw. I found myself burning this one just to get rid of it (but I liked the scent too much to return it!).

Anyways, has anyone else had better luck with Celebrate!?

-Kari Ann-


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