Papaya Sunset

Papaya Sunset 1My husband has been tuning up the pair of folding bikes we just bought (I love great deals on Craigslist!)……which means he’s been using up all my soap to get the grease and dirt off! (Haha, I knew he liked these fruit scents from Bath & Body Works!!!)

So, we are now onto May’s scent: Papaya Sunset!

I love Papaya scents; it is a fruit that has such a unique scent to me, making it hard to “compare” it to anything else! Regardless, Papaya Sunset is a smooth and tropical scent that really goes well as a “wash you hands before dinner” soap! The packaging claims it has a jasmine note, but it is definitely a fruity scent with very little floral undertones! I sure love it….enough to hope my bike is all tuned up so my husband won’t be using it up!

-Kari Ann-


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