Burt’s Bees Tropical Mango

bbBurt’s Bees, the company that makes my favorite chapstick in the world, also has candles! Who would have thought that? (Although, I guess if beeswax is your main selling point, I shouldn’t be so surprised!) I will point of that the Burt’s Bees candles are made from soy wax, so it burned like a dream, but did that that slightly less than wonderful throw.

Jenna send me this tin of Tropical Mango (and some wax cubes in Raspberry Lemon) for Easter and I just finished burning it!

The Scent: A lovely mango! It reminded me of the mango smoothie I love drinking after a run from a local coffee house (Rise Up). It had that creamy, soft, yet fruity mango scent that is spot on! B+

bb2The Throw: The throw was on the light side and did not have a far “scent radius.” I could only smell the soy-based delicious mango scent about 10 ft from the candle. My take home was that the Tropical Mango tin would have been best off in a small room, like a bathroom. So, unfortunately, the throw was weaker than average, but better than some of the other soy-based candles I’ve tried. C-

So thank you to Jenna! I never would have thought Burt’s Bees had fun and fruity candle scents! The tin was also really cute and didn’t get very hot, even at the end of the candle’s life. I’m excited to try the wax melts to see if that improves the throw!

-Kari Ann



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