Yankee Candle Trip

First and foremost, I must give my eternal thanks and gratitude to all the men and women who have given their lives for my freedom!

mix2I currently live in an area where the closest mall is ~40 minutes away, so I very rarely get to go to a Yankee Candle store anymore! (I do luckily have an outlet really close by!). Anyways, I found myself yesterday in Bowie, MD to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress….and wouldn’t you know….a Yankee Candle was right across the street!

I didn’t buy too much, especially since it’s so close to the Semi-Annual Sale! But Car Jars were 3/$12, and my husband immediately grabbed one for his car (he loves the Car Jars, but still has a Balsam & Cedar in his!)

I bought 3: Margarita Time, Citrus Tango, and Luau Party. My husband quickly hung up Margarita Time in his car, and wow were we both impressed! Great fruity scent, but not overbearing, but still filled up the car!

mix3I looked around in the store, but there were no great deals, and I still am trying to avoid buying jar candles until I make a larger dent in my collection!

As we were checking out, I noticed a cat Illuma-Lid and had to buy it! I am a proud cat mom, and this jar topper just made me happy!

My favorite find, that I wanted to share with everyone, was the Mixology List this Yankee Candle had near the votives. There are some great ideas here that I may try out depending on what’s available online for the SAS.

YC_Mix_20150524My note: I prefer to use tarts for mixing…in my personal opinion, I feel like the throws are stronger and the waxes actually melt into one another. You just break your tarts into pieces and add the pieces in the scent ratio you like. (This way, you can adjust the scents. For example, want a more vanilla-scented Peach Cobbler + French Vanilla? Add 2/3 a tart of French Vanilla and 1/3 of Peach Cobbler instead of half and half).

The mixes I hope to try (and will blog about if get the right ingredients):

Peach Cobbler + French Vanilla + Summer Scoop

Honeydew Melon + Juicy Watermelon + Mango Peach Salsa

Picnic in the Park + Juicy Watermelon + Margarita Time

-Kari Ann 🙂



  1. We’re not too far from each other — I go to the Bowie store sometimes! The ladies who work there are so nice and helpful. Good luck with your tart hunt during SAS!

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