German Apple Strudel

GASGerman Apple Strudel is a Yankee Candle World Journey that premiered this past fall/late summer (2014). I went on a quest to find it, but lucky for me, Jenna sneakily had found one and gave this large tumbler to me for my birthday.

Why was I so desperate to find it? One of my favorite scents, of all time, is the retired Apple Pie by Yankee Candle. When Apple Pie came out as a new Fall scent about 5 years ago, I was instantly smitten! But to my dismay (and confusion), Apple Pie was retired that same year during the winter Semi-Annual Sale.

While I do have one large tumbler of Apple Pie, I have been looking for a replacement. Seriously, Apple Pie is the perfect fall treat and is one of the definitions of classic Americana! Warm Apple Strudel, from the My Favorite Things line was a very close replacement….but let’s be honest, that is a special line that also went away just as quickly!

So how does German Apple Strudel match up to Apple Pie or Warm Apple Strudel?

gas2The Scent: Perfection! It is the perfect balance of baked apples, a buttery crust, and that dash of spice that makes Apple Strudel a fall time favorite. To my nose, there is maybe a bit more apple scent than Apple Pie. I have been sniffing these tumblers side-by-side and am certain that Apple Pie has that extra “something” to it (maybe more buttery crust notes, perhaps a bit of a tart-sweetness?). Either way, German Apple Strudel is a winner and spells like a slice of Autumn! A

The Throw: Text book awesome! A strong-medium that can instantly fill up a large room, have a presence, but not be over-bearing! This one is blowing me away! A

Overall, I love German Apple Strudel. While it may not be a replacement for Apple Pie, it is definitely a replacement for Warm Apple Strudel, and a very close “stand-in.”

-Kari Ann-


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