I can’t lie, Windblown is one of those scents I bought solely for the picture! This new summer 2015 scent, cold sniff, smells like your typical run-of-the-mill “beachy” scents from Yankee Candle’s already exhaustive collection.

Most beachy and ocean-air scented candles give me a wicked headache, so i am always cautious of new scents in this class. But, Windblown actually blew me away!

wind blownThe Scent: A typical “fresh, salty air” scent. It actually reminds me of a chilly and windy mid-September day at a New England beach. It has that slight floral-caught-in-a-breeze note with just a hint of a citrus squeeze (just a hint). The overall dominant note is the salt air. It is pretty generic, and I swear Yankee Candle has had this scent before packaged as something else. BUT, surprisingly, I loved it! Windblown truly transported me to Cape Cod after Labor Day! B+

The Throw: Fantastic! Within about 10 minutes my entire living room and parts of my kitchen and bathroom, were filled with Windblown. It somehow got that right balance between being strong and ever-present without being over-bearing (aka headache-inducing or that “all I can smell and it’s just too much” type of throw). If you want a strong throw, try this one! A+

Overall, I loved Windblown….and that picture is just the icing on the cake! I hope this one stays as Yankee Candle’s token beach-air scent!

-Kari Ann


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