Cotton Candy

I was so excited to try Yankee Candle’s new Cotton Candy scent! Nothing screams summer to me like boardwalk treats! I lived in Bristol, RI for 4 years and have fond memories of the 4th of July carnival and parade (4th of July is a HUGE deal in Bristol). This Cotton Candy scent brings me back to my early 20’s!

cotton candyThe Scent: A sweet and slightly fruity cotton candy! It is sugary and soft, and has that hint of “pink” flavor that cotton candy has. Personally, I hate cotton candy (WAY too sweet for me), but I love the smell and boy does it bright me back to Bristol, RI! B

The Throw: The throw, unfortunately, was just okay. It was on the light to light medium scent that quickly faded into the background. It’s not scentless, but it was pretty forgettable. I just wish it was 2 notches stronger! C-

So, I liked Yankee Candle’s Cotton Candy a lot. BUT, I tried the Everyday Luxe Cotton Candy scent last year and it blows this one out of the water!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Cotton Candy has had such an inconsistent throw. I bought a votive back in early spring when they had their summer preview. I cut it in half to melt in my tart warmer. The first half was heavenly. I had it melting in my bedroom and I could smell in the hallway. The second half had no throw at all, even though it came from the same votive! I’ve melted 2 or 3 tarts since then, and I feel like everything other one is wallop of scent and the others are duds.

    I love the scent, though. I just bought a two-wick tumbler during SAS. I hope I can smell it when it burns!

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