Kari’s Semi-Annual Sale Haul

haul1Firstly, Jenna did much better than me! I was constricted to outlets, so I did not find anything rare or unique. But, I was able to restock my supplies and did not break down and buy any jars! (applause please!)

My first trip was to Bath & Body Works. I always use the Semi-Annual Sale to stock up on their foam soap and Wall Flower bulbs. Soaps were anywhere from 50% off ($3.25) to 75% off (~$1.63) for select seasonal scents. I basically grabbed one on each. My husband is a huge fan of the foam soaps…and one typically lasts us a month. So, with any luck, we have enough until Christmas!

haul2I also got 7 Wallflower bulbs in various scents. The selection was pretty depleted…most of the summer line was sold out (or only scents I did not like remained). I did grab the last Watermelon Lemonade and a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 2-pack! They were all 50% off, or $3 each. Not great prices…but still cheaper than the normal sale promotion (example, the 6/$24 soap sale is still $4 each).

Next up, was the Yankee Candle Outlet. All I wanted was to replenish my tart supply! So I grabbed 12 to get the 12/$10 deal! But of course my husband wanted to restock our car jar supply, so I got a few more! Lastly, I grabbed this Creme Brulee reed diffusor!

haul5So, nothing rare or “wow look what I found”, but all things I wanted to restock!

Since I was at the outlet, I saw two notable jar candle mentions. The first was Pain au Raisin. Wow is this one good! It smells like a sticky bun with a ton of gooey raisins!

haul4The other notable were these 4th of July inspired jars. The Churned Ice Cream smelled like vanilla heaven!

What have been you’re hauls????

-Kari Ann-



  1. Pain Au Raisin is one out of three from the European Q2 release ‘Cafe Culture’ – it was my favorite out of the 3 – ‘cognac soaked raisins, buttery vanilla dough + cinnamon’, closely followed by ‘Tarte Tatin’ (sweet apples, spices + vanilla). ‘Cappuccino Truffle’ had not enough of the ‘roasted coffee’ and too much ‘velvety chocolate’ for my taste. But I still haven’t decided whether or not to actually buy the jars (I tried the tarts) since the ‘best’ prices I found so far is still somewhere around 23 € for each jar (reg 27.99 €). No way do we get sales like 4/$44 or 4/€50 on the US Yankee website right now…
    Great soap haul btw – I would love to try watermelon soap, too – sooo jealous 😉 B

  2. I just recently found yall’s blog and I’m loving it! I’m now a subscriber 🙂 What a great idea to do semi-annual hauls to stock up around sales! I’m going to start doing the same to try and keep my wallet happy. Have a great week!

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