Praline Pecan Cobbler

The first Wallflower to go in my bedroom is….Praline Pecan Cobbler!

pOkay, I have to admit that I haven’t stayed up-to-date on the new Bath & Body Works Wallflower bulbs. During the Semi-Annual Sale, I grabbed this one since it sounded great! But without a candle or tester in this scent available…I had no idea what I was buying!

Luckily…it’s great! Maybe a tad too desserty for my bedroom, but I don’t care!

The Scent: A nutty, caramel, buttery dessert! This sweet confection is a buttery crumble with toasted pecans and warm caramel drizzled on top! It would actually be a great holiday scent…as this warm aroma reminds me of cooler months and Thanksgiving/Christmas (but that may just be me!). Anyway, LOVE! A-

(Bulb) Throw: Amazing! Not too over-bearing, but can be smelled throughout my bedroom and into the hall! It’s been throwing strong for a week now! As I said above, this one probably is better for a kitchen, but the throw is nearly perfection! A

So, I love Praline Pecan Cobbler as a Wallflower! It is a mouth-watering dessert scent that does read more fall/winter than summer….but hey….I’d buy this one again!

-Kari Ann-



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