Creme Brulee (Reed Diffusor)

cbruleeI love Creme Brulee. I tried it for the first time on Valentine’s Day and have been hooked since! The crispy, melted sugar layer with a creamy custard underneath….wow!

So when I wanted to replace the reed diffusor in my bathroom…this scent caught my eye!

This Creme Brulee reed diffusor is from the Pure Radiance line at Yankee Candle. I bought it for 50% off (~$10), so it was still on the pricey side…but I love the modern design!

The Scent: Delicious! It smells like a creamy and slightly caramelized custard! It’s sweet, but not too sugary! It smells like Creme Brulee! A

The (Reed) Throw: Fantastic! This reed diffusor has been filling up my bathroom perfectly for a week! It’s not too strong, but it pleasantly fills up my bathroom with its great scent! And, even though it’s a desserty aroma, it still managers to fit in a s a great bathroom scent! Worth the $10 so far! A-

-Kari Ann-



  1. I love Creme Brulee! Although I’ve learned it’s not nearly good as one might think as a beer flavor 😛 I’ve not used a reed diffusor in years and had almost forgotten about them. If remember correctly though they’ve got great scent throw so I may have to get them back in the rotation. Have a great 4th of July weekend.

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