White Chocolate Apple

My two best friends and I back in 2005 just after we graduated high school!

Today is the Fourth of July! This is one of my favorite holidays! A few years ago, I lived in Bristol, Rhode Island…one of the Independence Day celebration capitals of the United States!

I fondly remember walking to the carnival in the town’s center to get a caramel apple…one of my favorite summertime treats! So of course I had to try White Chocolate Apple, a new 2015 summer scent at Yankee Candle. The picture alone brought me back to my undergraduate days in Bristol!

wcaThe Scent: Okay, let’s be honest…it’s basically just Sugared Apple! But I am 100% okay with that! You get a subtle sugar note with a sharp and fresh honey crisp apple scent that had just the right amount of white chocolate! It’s well-balanced, not too sweet, just a hint of tartness, and a touch of creaminess. My favorite is that powdery sugar note! A

The Throw: Well, this tart was incredible! It was a strong-medium throw that completely filled up my living room without being over-bearing. It is a great “mood-lifter” scent that mingles throughout the house, but still stays as a background aroma. Not too heavy, but far from an average throw! Perfect for summer! A-

Overall, I loved White Chocolate Apple, but do think it’s very close to Sugared Apple (now a winter/holiday scent). It was a perfect scent to kick-off my 4th of July! Hope everyone in the United States gets to enjoy some fireworks tonight!

-Kari Ann-


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