Coconut Bay

I always want to love Coconut Bay more that I do. I swear I buy a tart of this summer Yankee Candle scent every year thinking “this scent smells great” only to be let down by a bland throw.

Coconut Bay is now an online exclusive…and was supposedly replaced by Black Coconut (another nice coconut scent!). However, Black Coconut just got the ax as well and is currently entering retirement! (You can check out the retiring Yankee Candle scents here)

cbThe Scent: A light and refreshing coconut aroma, almost like the trendy coconut water drinks. It reminds me of my Organix coconut shampoo with a touch of tropical sunscreen. It is light and tropically, and I do like this scent, wven if it’s nothing special! Most coconut-scented candles mix in a ton of other unnecessary smells, like vanilla and pineapple  (I’m talking to you Bath & Body Works!). It is so great to have a pure tropical coconut scent! B

The Throw: Perpetually on the light side. Every time I melt a tart, it is at best a below average quality. Very light, does not carry that far, and becomes lost in the background almost instantly. This one is best for a small room, like a bathroom, but even then will still get lost. C-

My input: stick to the car fresheners of Coconut Bay!

-Kari Ann-


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