Ginger Dusk

My random tart selection process led me to try Ginger Dusk last night. This is a scent I picked up a little while ago at a Yankee Candle outlet. At the time, I had never seen, or heard of, Ginger Dusk, so grabbed a tart to try.

My review in one word: YUCK!

ginger duskThe Scent: This scent was a weird powdery, musky mix. To me, it was just “off”. It only took about 30 minutes (only part of the tart melted) for me to get nauseous and have to turn it off! It didn’t melt it long enough for me to really give Ginger Dusk a description! It was a fresh-based scent that I will avoid in the future! F

The Throw: Well, it started to take off (medium throw) after about 30 minutes, but it was so gross…I’ll never know the true throw! ????

So, obviously I hated Ginger Dusk. Yuck! Not my type of scent! Too perfumey and powdery! But don’t let me stop you from trying it!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I made the mistake of buying this one as a large jar candle through one of the online sales. Ugh I hate it lol. It’s such a strong smell, thought I would love it because I love most of Yankees Ginger scents but not the case.

  2. It makes sense, Kari, that you don’t like this scent given how i read in your interview with The Candle Review (GREAT interview, BTW) that Sage & Citrus is your least favorite scent! 😉 They’re both rather similar. S&C was the first YC that i burned and it was love at first sniff. GD is another one of my “European Exclusive” favorites. Do you not like Early Sunrise, too? That’s more of a tea with ginger and lemon scent but i think it’s very similar to GD… Happy Burning! 🙂

    • I LOVE early sunrise!! That light note of lemon in it is wonderful! And it makes sense that GD is a European Exclusive (we can only get in online or at outlets). I always buy tarts before I think….this one does remind me of Sage & Citrus, so of course I should have hated it! Happy burning to you as well!!

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