So I have not allowed myself to buy candles for myself for a quite awhile. I was doing so great. Then last weekend, while I was buying a gift for a friend in bath and body works, I saw the one candle from there that I can never pass up-London Calling.

This scent was first was first released right before Christmas in 2012–the day of their $8 candle sale. It smelled amazing and I bought it for several people. The scent is “tea and lemon.” You can really detect both scents, along with a little extra sugar. The scent came back out last year and I bought it again–as well as a wallflower. The throw is amazing on both–you could smell in on both floors of my house.

This is, they didn’t released the “world” candles around Christmas they they had the previous two years, I was upset and though that meant they had stopped doing it. Fortunately, they were just releasing them later than the previous years and put them out for the summer this year. I saw them during the SAS (Hawaii, Istanbul, Amsterdam, etc) but not the London one. When I saw it last week, I let out a squeal in the store and even my fiancé told me to buy it. They changed the name, now it’s just London, but it still smells just as amazing. Everyone should run out and grab this scent while they can!




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