Country Lemonade

downloadJenna reviewed one of her favorite candles yesterday, London from Bath & Body Works….

So I got inspired to review one of mine: Country Lemonade from Yankee Candle!

I actually reviewed Country Lemonade back in 2012 when I was sad to learn that it had been discontinued after only one season and this would not be returning. To this day, Country Lemonade is still one of may favorites. The sweet lemon scent is pretty unique among the multitude of other lemon scents…and the throw is always amazing!

CLThe Scent: A very sweet, yet still tart, lemonade scent. The lemon note is strong and sharp, but is perfectly balanced by the insane sugar rush! It is so perfect. Image drinking a sugar-rimmed glass of Country Time Lemonade during a hot summer day by the pool (or in my childhood, the sprinkler and slip n’ slide). A+

The Throw: While the amazing scent of Country Lemonade earns a spot on my top 10 list, its incredible and dependable throw earns it a top 3 spot. The throw is a perfect strong….not too over-bearing or headache-inducing…but will fill up a large room and demand attention. I have never had a dud of this scent! A+

So there you go….if you like lemon-based scents, or sweet scents…hunt down Country Lemonade. I was so sad to see this scent go away so quickly, but it occasionally pops up as a treasure or in an outlet.

-Kari Ann-



  1. I bought one of these at the outlet recently. It was a medium tumbler with a 2011 pour date! I haven’t burned it yet but it smells amazing. I went back recently and saw they have some large jars with 2015 pour dates. I think we probably go to the same outlet, so if you want another one you should try there!

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