I picked up this tart of Grapefruit from the Simply Home Yankee Candle line a little while ago. I just love citrus-based scents….and grapefruit is no exception!

IMG_20150722_190735173I loved the Citrus Passion line from Yankee Candle release circa 2011….especially since it offered pure, un-tampered, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and lime scented candles! I also have to gush about the old Pink Grapefruit line at Bath & Body Works (from my childhood, circa 2000)….that body spray was one of my all time favorite scents period!

So how does this Outlet find of Pink Grapefruit hold up? Two words: no throw!

The Scent: (Cold only) A deliciously tart grapefruit with just a hint of natural sweetness. It smells like the first time you cut into a Ruby Red grapefruit…sharp, citrusy, acidic, and definitely fresh! I loved how it was pure grapefruit…and not a mix that dampened the citrus-fresh scent! B+

The Throw: Nothing….what a sad joke! This tart could have been labelled “scentless”. Unless I put my nose right over the wax pool…I couldn’t smell a thing! Epic failure and disappointment! F

So, obviously, Grapefruit;s lack of throw was a turn-off! But I’ll still have hope that a strong throw grapefruit scent will make its way to Yankee Candle someday!

-Kari Ann-


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