Candle Talk: Jar versus Tumbler

My friends all know I love candles…so they come to me with some really great questions!

One that comes up often: Tumbler or Jar…..which should I buy? They cost the same price, so it can be confusing when you are about to pay $27.99 for a multiple-hour commitment!

Let me give my opinions on large jars versus tumblers…but feel free to voice your opinion in the comments!

sbcJar Candles


-Iconic candle shape

-Treasures and many “Special Edition” lines are only available as large jars

-Most accessories (like Illumalids and candle shades) are specified to jars

-Lasts longer (110 to 150 hours compared to at most 85 hours for a tumbler)

-Cheaper if you consider burn time (the math tells us it costs between 19 – 25 cents per hour to burn a large jar but it costs 33 cents per hour for the max burn time of a tumbler)

Cons: Kari’s opinions!

-More likely to tunnel (which can shorten that burn time and be frustrating!)

-Compared to tumblers, I often have shallower wax pools, resulting in weaker throws between the same scent.

Spice Island HolidayTumbler


-The double wick usually creates a more even burn…meaning less tunneling

-The wax pool and double wick often gives tumblers a stronger throw

-World Journeys are tumblers (bonus points!)

Cons: (Mostly the opposite of Jar pros)

-Burn time is much shorter (up to 85 hours for a tumbler compared to jars at up to 150 hours for a jar)

-Costs more to burn per hour since burn time is shorter

-Sometimes you cannot get a scent in a tumbler (such as Treasures….any of these are jar exclusives)

-Many cute accessories (most jar toppers) will not fit tumblers

So…jar or tumbler?

It’s completely a toss up for me! While I love the even wax pools and wonderful throws that tumblers provide….large jars offer so many perks (like cute accessories making it more of a decoration than candle)!

So what are your thoughts!!!?

-Kari Ann-



  1. Great post! I tend to like jar candles if I’m going to be burning it for the whole day, but my schedule frequently precludes this so I’m becoming more and more partial to the tumblers. Have a great week 🙂

  2. I usually try to get my favorite scents in tumblers because of the even burn. I wish they’d make Illumilids for the tumblers!

  3. When large tumblers were first introduced, Yankee made a tumbler ring, like an illumalid but it sat just on the round edge of the tumbler with nothing hanging over the edge into the candle. I have 2 or 3 of them, made of metal. They do help the tumbler candle to burn better too.

  4. I’m a little late to the party here, thanks for the post! Is it just me or did YC change the chemical makeup of the wax or change the wicks? I feel like newer candle’s wicks diminish the amount of mushrooming when the flame is extinguished. I know YC recommended cutting the wicks (which I¡d found increased the probability of tunneling. By not cutting the wicks, I found the candle burned hotter (thus decreasing burn time but allowing an even wax pool to for, quicker than waiting for 6 hours for one to form). I also found that slightly increasing airflow in a room with the use of a box fan or placing candle near a vent, it caused the flame to burn hotter which then decreased the chance of tunneling and decreasing the wait time for a pool to develope. I have also found the illumalids are less effective on newer jars than older jars of the same scent. Is this just me or has anyone else experienced any of these instances?

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for this! Great information and observations. I think Yankee has switched to a soy-based wax which is supposed to burn cleaner (aka less soot), but I swear it’s led to changes in how it burns and the throw strength. I have been into tumblers lately since I feel like the double wick is better than the Illumalid and large jar. Just my thoughts ! 🙂

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